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K-kleen.com Redesigned with

Customer Convenience in Mind

K-KLEEN’s  newly designed website now provides all-new features to its customers allowing them to experience fresh new benefits that no other kitchen exhaust system specialist has to offer.   K-KLEEN will now be offering its customers ALL NEW OPTIMIZED PERSONAL ACCOUNTSin which customers will now be able to login to k-kleen.com with a username and password where they can then access features such as ONLINE BILLINGSTATUS.  Customers can now view their billing status and outstanding balances and arrange payment.  Customers who login to their all new optimized personal account will also now have the opportunity to check out UPDATED BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of K-KLEEN’s services that were completed in their own facility.  The new account login now makes it possible for our customers to view their current billing status, request follow-ups, schedule next service, and even view what their facility looked like before and after K-KLEEN’s service.   All of these features of our optimized login feature will now make it possible for customers to have the ability to be in total control of their next  K-KLEEN service.

K-kleen.com now provides its customers a great deal of information about K-KLEEN’s other products and services besides exhaust system cleaning.  For example k-kleen.com now offers customers the chance to take a look at how our cleaning products work, some of which we use during the exhaust system cleaning process.  K-KLEEN’s all new website now offers customers high-quality VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS of all of our products and services that are only available exclusively through K-KLEEN, INC.  Videos include demonstrations of products such as SureGrip Floor Safety Solutions, K-KLEEN’s secret degreaser Kem4 and Grease Gutter Rooftop Grease Containment Systems. All products and services will also be available for purchase on k-kleen.com allowing customers to get any K-KLEEN product shipped directly to their facility.

Customers who visit k-kleen.com will also have access to EXCLUSIVE ONLINE DISCOUNTS that will be available when making an online purchase BY RECEIVING COUPON CODES IN FUTURE NEWSLETTERS.  K-kleen.com offers customers the chance to apply coupon codes to their online purchases in which they can save percentage discounts along with many other offers that will be given throughout the year via newsletters.  Along with discounts, customers now have the opportunity to provide feedback on K-KLEEN’s products and services on k-kleen.com where they can voice their opinion of quality and performance to other potential customers.

We here at K-KLEEN, INC. now invite you to come and check out all that we have to offer to our valued customers and remember to stay tuned for more updates!
Thanks again for the opportunity to service your business.
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