Sure Grip

Slip-and-fall injuries are among the most common in today’s businesses. They also cost business owners billions of dollars annually around the country. The burden of proof has shifted in the courts to business owners, so they are the ones who must prove that their floors were safe and slip-proof when someone falls. This is naturally a very difficult thing to prove.
Since both customers and employees can sue you if they slip and fall and injure themselves on your business’s premises, you want to make sure you’re as protected as possible. As you know, any injury claims against your business will increase your insurance costs and may even result in considerable out-of-pocket costs that could hurt your company’s profitability or even cause you to have to sell or shutter it. Don’t take a risk with your business’s future by having unsafe floors or floors of questionable safety. Eliminate the risk of someone slipping and falling on your property by using the proper cleaning supplies.
At K-Kleen, Inc., we are proud to offer our customers the full line of Sure Grip floor safety cleaning solution products. Sure Grip products reduce the polymerization that results from the buildup of cleaning products in the cracks of your floors. When this build-up occurs, any moisture that is introduced to the surface of the floor can make it as slick as ice and a perfect place for someone to slip and fall. The Sure Grip products take car of this problem for you.
Sure Grip offers three different products to make sure your floors are slip-proof. One is a cleaning solution, one is a traction solution, and one is a restorative solution. With these three products, you can be sure your floors will not only be perfectly clean but slip-free and protected from damage by continual cleaning and use.
K-Kleen, Inc. offers full support for the use of Sure Grip products and will assist you in every aspect of incorporating them into your business. Protect your company and all you’ve worked to build by keeping it safe from slip-and-fall lawsuits. Contact K-Kleen, Inc. today to start using the Sure Grip system on your floors and have a safer environment for your employees, your customers and your financial security.